We are based at the Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria (IDIS) – Hospital Clínico Universitario of Santiago de Compostela (CHUS; Galicia, Spain). See the video here.

We have a long-standing research trajectory in genetic analysis of human populations in biomedicine, human molecular anthropology, and forensic genetics.


Where do we come from?

Antonio Salas Ellacuriaga is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC), and a member of the Instituto de Medicina Legal (INCIFOR). His research activity began at the INCIFOR (previously IML) in 1994. Most of his research activity at that time was dedicated to forensic and human population genetics. The group was born at the same time his IP began his independent research career (PhD: 1999). The IP was the beneficiary of a 'tenure track' Ramón y Cajal contract (2005), and shortly afterward he stabilized as a full Prof. at the Faculty of Medicine - USC. GenPoB, as it is conceived today, was born at the same time the Institute of Health Research (Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria - IDIS) was created in 2008.


What are we?

The present conformation of the group emerges as a collaborative effort with GenViP (Genetics, Vaccines, Infectious Diseases and Pediatrics; GENVIP – IDIS) headed by F. Martinón Torres (Head of Pediatrics - Hospital Clínico) and A. Salas Ellacuriaga (coIP). We met >14 y.a. and now work together on a variety of projects related to human populations with a special focus on infectious diseases and vaccines. We established a synergistic collaboration that combines basic (GenPoB) and clinical/translational science (Genvip). We now carry out basic research with an eye put on translational, personal, and precision medicine. Besides, we work very close to other IDIS research laboratories and within a broad and complex international collaboration network.


Where are we going?

In the last 14 years or so, the main interest of GenPoB has switched to 'omics'. We still dedicate effort to do research in different aspects of forensic genetics related to human population variation. A few keywords help at summarizing the research activity of GenPoB today: human genomics, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), whole genome and whole exome sequencing, transcriptomics, epigenomics, bioinformatics, infectomics, vaccunomics, inmunosequencing, common and rare diseases. See also the Lab section.

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