Mirian Ben

Mirian Ben García


“Did science promise happiness? I do not believe it. It promised the truth, and the question is to know if we will ever make happiness with truth.”

- Emile Zola


I obtained my certificate as laboratory technician in 2015. with speciality of clinical diagnosis. Then I started to work at the Fundación de Medicina Xenómica, doing the internship where I began to gain experience. Afterwards, I obtained a Feuga scholarship for one year. During all this period I got experience in DNA extraction from blood, PCR, PCR in real time or sequencing with Sanger. I also worked in the Cytogenetics department, where I managed cell cultures and different cytogenetic techniques (staining, extensions, seeding, karyotype, myeloma, fish, etc)

In 2018 I joined the group as a technician where I am working nowadays. Since I started to work in GENPOB I got wide experience in genetic techniques as DNA and RNA extraction from different tissues as blood, saliva, nasal epithelium. Other important function nowadays is biobanking and the sample management and location. I get also involved in sample shipments though national and European projects. Furthermore, I participate in teaching students during their internship.

I was impressed by the huge number of projects in which I could be involved as a technician. I really value the opportunity to be in coordination of people of other disciplines, as GENPOB is a translational and multidisciplinary group. This allows me to learn from others and grow up in my personal and working life.

I always wanted to be involved in science environment, and this translational group allows me to have repercussions in patients’ lives, especially in paediatric patients.

Publications within the group